Monday, November 19, 2012

Questions on the Title "Unnatural Law?"

There is only so much you can explain in a six minute video.  Given the fact that the average YouTube viewer leaves a video after 87 seconds of viewing, we already knew our video was pushing it.  I wanted to take some time to answer a few questions that have arisen.

1) "The title "Unnatural Law?" is off-putting and/or offensive"

The title was chosen so as to attempt to DRAW people in who might be hostile to the Church on this topic.  Please note that the question mark is a VERY important piece of the title.  The term "Natural Law" is one that offends many people living with same sex attraction, so when people see the title who are in that camp, we're hoping they might say..."hmm, this is interesting, is this a film that is saying the Natural Law argument is it saying the laws in the 47 U.S. states are wrong?  Is it saying that the laws in the states that just redefined marriage are unnatural???  What's going on here?"  Then, when the documentary starts with people who LIVE WITH same sex attraction talking about that AND their Catholic Faith, we're hoping they'll watch some more.

If you don't like the title though, leave a comment on the blog here or on our Facebook page and let us know what it SHOULD be called, and we'll take a new title into consideration if it does a better job of drawing people in than our current one.

2)  "Is the film going to be compassionate or judgmental and harsh?"

This is the question that frankly upsets me a bit.  The whole point of this project is to explain to people what we ACTUALLY believe as Catholics; that our teachings are NOT the same as the religious right, that our teachings are true, but also compassionate, backed up by sound science, inviting and that they speak to LOTS of people who live with same sex attraction.

The whole point of the documentary is to stand up and say "we don't teach that a person living with same sex attraction ought to be sent off to a reeducation camp."

The point of this film is to put something out there that will hopefully correct the faulty stereotype that is put out there by people who THINK they understand the Church's teachings (but don't), and who are out there telling everyone else what we believe, and are doing so quite effectively with little clarification from Catholics - a problem arising because most Catholics don't know what we believe either!  

We are hopeful that some prominent Church leaders in the U.S. will grant us an interview for the film.  In fact we are in the early dialogue process already (we don't want to put too much in place if the film doesn't get funded).  Does anyone think that ANY bishop would let us put something out there with their name on it that was angry, demeaning, intimidating, off-putting, offensive?  Would any bishop approve of a project that was going to be anything other than attempt to reach out to people and speak to their situation and life, hoping to show them compassionately what the Church has to offer?

3) "Fr. Hollowell is a rigid and angry conservative, and he sometimes wears a cassock...I hope the documentary doesn't have him in it."

No, the documentary will not have me in it.  I am simply working with Blackstone as a consultant on the project, frankly more on the artistic end and answering basic questions for the producers/crew as they arise.  The film is being released by the Studio.  I will not be interviewed for the project, so if you find me angry or offensive, you can donate and rest easy.