Thursday, May 3, 2012

Young Man With Same Sex Attraction Bullied

The Indystar had a heart-wrenching front-page story about a young man at a local high school who has been bullied his whole life for "feminine behavior."  His mother had had enough and gave her son a stun gun, which he finally fired into the air at school as a warning.  Now the young man who used the stun gun is potentially going to be expelled because it is obviously illegal to have a stun gun in school.

Some will bring up this story and blame Catholics for speaking up about same-sex attraction and homosexual sex, and will say it is somehow the Church's fault that this young man is being bullied.

1) I would bet my last penny that those harassing this young man don't have the first clue what the Church or Bible says on homosexuality

2) Any Catholic's first response to a person like this young man who is openly and publicly struggling with same-sex attraction should be one and only one thing - love.  That I or any other Catholic would treat this young man as any different than any other human person is reprehensible and untrue.  A person who would in any way treat this person differently than any other human person would be forsaking their Catholic faith.

The Church notes: "The characteristic concern and good will exhibited by many clergy and religious in their pastoral care for homosexual persons is admirable, and, we hope, will not diminish. Such devoted ministers should have the confidence that they are faithfully following the will of the Lord"

3) A difference does need to be noted here between the Catholic Church and the various protestant religions.  The Church is the only Christian Faith that I've encountered that does NOT believe that homosexual attraction is a sin.  Even Joel Osteen, who strikes me as one of the more financially driven of the televangelists and most likely to water theology down to appeal to as many as possible, said on a Sunday morning news show that he believes that homosexual ATTRACTION (not just the action) is a sin.  This, to me, illustrates yet another example of why we need the Church to help us understand HOW to implement the Scriptures in our daily lives.

This is a horrible situation, and we have to strongly defend those in our midst who are being mistreated.  Bullying is such a horrible thing and must be condemned as strongly as humanly possible.  Also, it needs to be very clear that the Church can in no way be blamed for things like this and anyone who would pretend that the Church would in anyway condone such behavior, or that the Church's teaching in any way points to such behavior as somehow being appropriate shows a complete lack of understanding of what the Church actually does teach. 

Let's pray for this man, his family, and those who are bullying him.