Monday, April 23, 2012

Retaking Notre Dame

In a war, sometimes you lose ground temporarily, only to eventually retake the ground once reinforcements arrive or a new strategy is put in place.

I've chronicled on this blog the disaster that is currently Notre Dame.  They have essentially shed much of their Catholic identity and of course the invitation to President Obama has been blasted consistently here.  However, one of the many people who contacted me in the wake of the "I Have a Say" video was an influential Notre Dame alum who called me and talked to me at length about how there are a lot of alums, including extremely influential ones, who are equally distressed over the direction of the University.  Some of these alums have been documenting the abuses of Catholic identity in great detail, and they have been publishing their findings at an awesomely-titled website..."Back Off, You Monsters!"

You can access their website by clicking here.

It seems that the real Notre Dame alums are starting to take back some sacred ground.  How awesome would it be if Notre Dame truly embraced its Catholic identity once again?  I would LOVE to be able to watch ND football again and to pull for them and to visit the campus and to take a class there and go to Tenebrae on Good Friday and visit the Basilica for Mass...but it is a forsaken place at the moment.  It is good to see that there is hope, and it sounds like, as one of my favorite songs notes "here come the Irish of Notre Dame".  Please God, let it be so!