Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend's Movie Reviews

A new feature of the blog that I hope to get up by Friday (probably a little late today, but maybe some are still deciding on a film for the weekend). In the 1950's the Vatican asked the Bishops of the U.S. to screen the films out of Hollywood and to let people know whether or not a Catholic could attend in good conscience or not.

The movies which are viewable are rated on a scale from A-1 - suitable for all, A-2, A-3, and finally L, which is the most intense rating a film can get which is still suitable for adults to watch but nonetheless some may find disturbing.

If a movie is determined to be unwatchable, it gets tagged with the rating "O" - morally offensive.

The bishops have charged the CNS Film department with this task, and I have long found the rankings to certainly be helpful, but I've also found their film reviews to be well-done and informative as well. I hope to put the links up to the reviews of the films coming out each weekend on the blog. Enjoy!

Monte Carlo is rated A-II. To read a review click here.

Horrible Bosses is rated "O". Don't go see it! To read a review click here.

Zookeeper is rated A-3. To read a review, click here.

Larry Crowne is rated A-3. To read a review, click here.