Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cranking the Engines Back Up

Per the request of Pope Benedict, and on the eve of World Day of Communications (May 16th this year) which is a day that the Church encourages the flock to use all means of communication available to spread the Good News, I have decided to fire this nearly dead horse back up again.

I am retooling what I do here, and am experimenting with ways to link Facebook, Youtube and this blog together. I hope to post on here video footage of homilies, and may even expand into some classroom videos of interesting topics. I think the video route is the way to go. I hope to also post texts of homilies on here when I can - although I not big into writing out my homilies all the way unless it is a really big occasion where I need to get the wording exactly right. Usually, it seems the people appreciate the eye contact.

I hope all of you are doing well. If you have suggestions for things I can do to enhance the blog or reach others through the internet, please don't hesitate.

As Christ says - "CAST OUT INTO THE DEEP!" God bless!