Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why the Devil is Kicking Our A%$

I try to use this blog to do two things
1) help people see where the Devil is at work in the world
2) help bring the hope of Jesus Christ through homilies and other tidbits

In light of #1, #2 can be hard because, let's be honest, the Devil is kicking our rear-end.  But we shouldn't be surprised by that.


Because, as the saying goes, "the Devil never sleeps"

Tolkien portrays Satan as "a great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame".  The eye never shuts, but is kept awake by the burning fire of hate from within, like the sun that never goes out because of the nuclear reactions taking place inside it.

Here's why we generally are losing the fight against the culture of death, sin, etc. - because while the Devil never sleeps, I do.  While the Devil never takes time off from his steady and constant regimen of hate, I take time here or there to be with friends or family, to read a good book, to go for a run, to visit a sick person, to enjoy a nice meal, or to sit in Church and pray.

The Devil never sleeps, but I do.  That's why, on this side of the veil, evil generally "wins" in the sense of seeming to be the victor (even though the victory is in appearance only).

Satan strikes me as the sad and pitiable stockbroker who is always working, has tons of money, gets what he wants, but hates himself in the process and is quite miserable.

The culture of life and love is "losing," and I'm perfectly fine with that because I enjoy spending time "having life more abundantly, and having it to the fullest."