Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Strip Clubs

I was at dinner tonight with two priest friends.  As we were enjoying our meal, I heard a guy tell his female date - "Yeah, I went to a strip club..." and he went on to describe how much certain things cost, and I couldn't help thinking "This guy might be the dumbest person I've ever been in the presence of."  I also thought about how I thought when I was younger I wasn't the smoothest of talkers with the ladies, but this guy made me look like a regular Don Juan.

Talking to your girlfriend about a strip club???  Not many people could get "how to talk to girl advice" from a priest, but I could have helped this guy out a TON!

It also got me thinking.  You obviously have to be a complete moron to talk to your girlfriend about going to a strip club, but you also have to be an absolute moron to go to a strip "club" in general, whether or not you talk about it with your girlfriend or wife.

Jason Evert makes the point that, like little kids, we change the name of things to make it sound okay.  So we call it a "Gentlemen's Club" or "Adult Entertainment."  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  People who go to strip clubs are the complete opposite of both the word "gentleman" and "adult" because every virtue of manhood is violated in going to a strip club.

Men are taught to protect the feminine, even give one's life for the feminine (our wife, our sister, our Church), but a strip club is the height of the opposite of everything that it means to be a man.

Porn is obviously a horrendous plague afflicting our country right now, but even porn is better than a strip club.  Porn is treating the image of a person as an object, whereas going to a strip club is treating a person right in front of you as an object to their face.

"They need the money" - really, well then give them the money when they have their clothes on before they show up for "work"

"It's just a little fun" - the classic line of people blinded by narcissism and unwilling to accept the fact that their actions impact anyone's life besides their own.

"It's just guys being guys" - no, it's "guys in men's bodies who lack the most basic virtue of self-control" being "guys in men's bodies who lack the most basic virtue of self-control"

If you know of someone going to a strip club, knock them over the head and tell them they're a moron and a coward.