Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Harlem Shake

Some have notified me that what follows is sacrilegious.  I take comfort in the fact that in the same week that Pope Francis has been scorned by atheistic leftists for hating homosexuals and rad trad Catholics for being sacrilegious, I too have now, in the same week, drawn heat from the same camps for the similar reasons.  Perhaps I'm on my way to the papacy!  (God help me, but more importantly the Church!)

The video below is done outside Church, no holy water was really used, none of the items are blessed, it is a fun celebration of Easter with the servers who put in a ton of work since last Sunday.

Saint John Bosco was known for taking profane songs and reworking them into Catholic lyrics and so forth.  That's what we did with this - we took a secular song, in good fun, and used it to celebrate the joy of Easter.

My good priest friend, Fr. Meyer, made a vocations poster a few years ago based on the movie "The Matrix" - but everything on the poster was funnily worded back into Catholic imagery.  (i.e. "This film is rated "R" for "R"adical Catholicism).   Many people loved it, but of course some Catholics complained - "Fr. Meyer is the Devil."  Well, by its fruits a thing will be known, and nearly every seminarian in the seminary today knows of, loves, and most have a copy of the "Matrix Poster." 

Is the movie the Matrix profane - yeah.  Does that mean it can't be "baptized" and a positive spin put on, that's just dumb, and it is an angry Pharisaical mindset that says no.

As my Facebook avatar notes, "Haters gonna hate"