Friday, December 21, 2012

Bishops Want Gun Control

So the USCCB has issued a statement through several of its committees, reiterating a call both from the USCCB in the past, and also the Pontifical Council for Peace affirming the need for gun control.  Specifically, the statement asks for:

"3. Call for sensible regulations of handguns
4. Support legislative efforts that seek to protect society from the violence associated with easy access to deadly weapons including assault weapons"

I'm not getting into the issue of gun control here - what I want to do is wonder aloud whether or not we will hear from the liberal media (and liberal catholics) a call to "stay out of politics." 

This issue of gun control is clearly one favored by the left, and so the media is painted into a corner
1) tell the Church to be quiet on this issue because it is a political one, or
2) say the Church has a right to speak up on this particular issue since it is such an important issue it actually transcends politics.

If it is 2), the irony would be that the "libs" would be admitting something exists that, to date, they have said does not exist - namely an issue that transcends politics and thus is something the Church can comment on.