Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cardinal Dolan Invites President Obama to New York Catholic Charities Dinner?

In a move that has been receiving voluminous coverage on the blogosphere, last week it was announced that President Obama received an invitation to attend and I believe to speak at the New York Catholic Charities annual fund raiser.

Many are of course up in arms with Cardinal Dolan, and I personally wondered why Cardinal Dolan wasn't a little louder during the New York redefinition of marriage last year (but I also know I don't see the whole picture).

However, in this instance, it seems pretty clear what the Cardinal is doing.  Cardinal Dolan will have the opportunity, in front of media, just before the election, to remind the President and Mitt Romney what Catholics hold dear (or should hold dear), and it also provides an opportunity for Cardinal Dolan to say something in a very public way to the President for the world to see:

"Mr. President, this Catholic Charities of New York organization that you are here to support...if you keep the HHS Mandate in place, then in 6 months it won't exist anymore."

If I were Cardinal Dolan (and what follows tells you why I'm not) I would say the above line, and then just drop the mic and walk off stage.

It should be VERY interesting to see how it all plays out, but I personally think it has a lot of positive potential to go much better for the Church then some are predicting right now on the blogosphere.