Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great Discussion About Thomas Merton

Over on the First Things blog, George Weigel has an excellent post on Thomas Merton - the trappist monk whose autobiography Seven Storey Mountain has continued to be a hit thirty years after his death.

Merton was a prolific writer who took up residence as a monk in Gethsemane, Kentucky. His story of his conversion to the Church was integral to my own "re-conversion" as I like to call it.

I have always struggled with Merton, though, because in his later years he gets a little to into eastern religions for my taste (although I believe Buddhism and its cousins have a lot to say to us today that is of great value). As with anyone else, when a person seems to stray from the path a bit, it forces us to call into question our preference for their work pre-departure (i.e. - John Corapi)

George Weigel (who else?) has a post talking about whether or not Merton is/would have become as "progressive" a Catholic as many people assume today. His excellent post can be read here. If you've ever read any Merton at all, I think you'll find Weigel's post most instructive.