Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peter Kreeft on Love and Fear

Dr. Peter Kreeft is a fantastic theologian who teaches at Boston College and has been writing wonderful essays and books and articles for many years presenting the Catholic Faith as intelligible and enjoyable. Below is an excerpt from an essay on Love and Fear

"God is love. And love is not "luv." Luv is nice; love is not nice. Love is a fire, a hurricane, an earthquake, a volcano, a bolt of lightning. Love is what banged out the big bang in the beginning, and love is what went to hell for us on the cross.

The difference between love and "luv" is the difference between the prophetic model of religion and the therapeutic model. In the prophetic model, God commands us to be good. In the therapeutic model, people use religion to make themselves feel good."

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Continued blessings this Holy Week!