Friday, January 21, 2011

Denis Leary on Catholicism

I came across this video in several places - Denis Leary singing a song that mocks (and mocks is too soft) the Church.

Before you watch it, a lot of caution. The video starts with Leary making a cross out of two middle fingers, and he goes on to say some of the most unbelievably horrible things about the Church, the Holy Father, the priest abuse crisis, etc.

Freedom of speech is in the constitution, but this can't be what the framers had in mind.

I and many of priests and Catholics I talk to believe that Catholics will, in the not too distant future, be persecuted again. Watching this might be a day I'll always look back on as some kind of turning point.

This video is not made by some guy in his mom's basement - Denis Leary is the spokesman for Ford Trucks for crying out loud! This video was done by Comedy Central, not MTV 7.

There are a few things I'd urge you to do to protest this - the time is running out in my mind to speak up as a faith and say - "we don't support this!"

1) Email the woman who appears to have direct oversight at Comedy Central at

2) Send an email to Ford here: My next car will not be a Ford unless he is let go and there is some kind of apology.

3) On Youtube, engage the people in the comments section. The world needs to hear what we are about in a positive way, and I think we go right to the source of wretchedness and we present who we are and we talk to people who think this is a good idea. It may not be pleasant but it is needed. If you don't do it for your sake, do it for the sake of your kids.

Finally, if you can stand it (not all of you will be able to) the video is here. If you want to engage people on the youtube site, double click on the video below and your web browser will open the Youtube page directly.

God bless!