Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Actual Place that Bills Themselves as a Catholic College and Means It!

First a chillingly beautiful poem from the pages of First Things

Winter Concert
by N. E. Dunkle

At St. Progressive University
We toil to demonstrate diversity.
Before our concert, let me tell you how
We come to sing of winter solstice now
Instead of Christmas as we did until
Three students asked that ash tree Yggdrasil
Be raised beside each lighted Christmas tree
To show respect to Norse mythology.
So now you can feel safe; there’s nothing here
Denoting Advent or the Christian year.
Progressive is the light, and we have seen it;
We still hum Christmas tunes, but we don’t mean it.

I've heard many people say "The best place to lose your Catholic Faith is at a Catholic college" and from what I've seen the past 10 years or so, it is hard to argue with that statement.

If you are looking for a college that is Catholic and means it you need to look at supporting/attending Wyoming Catholic College. Watch the awesome trailer that they just released through my favorite group in the world --> Grassroots Films


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