Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open on Thanksgiving?

I read in yesterday's paper where several major chains are planning to be open on Thanksgiving day in order to try and boost the bottom line (click here to read). I think this is ridiculous and demands attention. I know I am planning on boycotting these stores (SEARS, Toys 'r' Us, Old Navy, and Gander Mountain) for a while because it just doesn't seem right to make employees come in during a time when they should be with their family. Working in a hospital through college I know there are certain services that need to be open 24/7, but to shaft your employees and ruin their plans with their families seems wrong.

The Catholic Church is very much for the average worker. Pope John Paul II wrote an encyclical on the dignity of work, and ever since Leo XIII's encyclical Rerum Novarrum, the Church has led the charge in making sure capitalism knows its proper bounds.

I hope you consider taking a stand against these companies as well. Let's put the family first again as much as we can.

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