Thursday, April 13, 2017

7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Is Bilbo's Ring

1) You randomly worry that you don't have it, check your pocket, your heart rate quickens, you check your other pocket, find it, and then slowly calm back down again

2) Your phone is powerful and magical.  10 years ago, if you told someone all the things your phone would do, they would have thought of it as magic.  Your phone also gives you the power to do everything you would need to do to run a Fortune 500 company for weeks from thousands of miles away.

3) You think sometimes of getting rid of your phone, but every time you get ready to throw it away, you step back from the edge and change your mind

Image result for frodo wearing the ring
"I can't believe I was thinking of  getting rid of this thing!"

4) To the observer at a distance, for hours on end each day, you look at it, make faces at it, touch it and stroke it and talk to it.

Image result for bilbo my precious
"It's mine.  My own. My precious"

5) Your phone, as studies suggest, through the course of months and years, slowly changes you into a different version of yourself

6) Your phone gives you the impression that you have great power and are in control (see number 2 above) but it actually ultimately gives much more power to "the great eye" (i.e. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung) who, as everyone knows, is storing and cataloging and quantifying every move we make and every single act we perform with our phones, handing over to such corporations an ability to "dominate all life"

7)  When you use your phone, you disappear to all those around you and are instantly transported to something that is like reality, but is a warped and clouded version of it

Image result for frodo wearing the ring
"It's like living in reality, only different"


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  4. God bless you, Father. I have been thinking about dropping FB for a long time and my phone blings and sings and my heart does quicken (and it's not even that smart. Its a track phone I have a large family and there is not enough time in the day much time is lost.)

  5. Your words ring so true. I will miss your wisdom father, and hope to see you in the present someday soon.

  6. Wow! Getting rid of FB, apps, and use my phone as...just a phone.

  7. Father John - you will always be a super hero to this old cowboy. I miss seeing you on Facebook - Father Meyer is being my spiritual father - somehow I think that the spirit sent Fr Meyer to me when he knew you needed rest. I have became a catholic last year - it was a long journey - I could not have made it with you Fr John and Fr Jonathan - I owe so much to you two supermen !