Monday, April 12, 2021

"Read the Bible in a Year" Podcast, day 365: Revelation 19-22


  1. Thanks for all you've done for Christ, Father. Hope to see you IRL later this year!

  2. Hello Father Hollowell, my name is David and use to follow your Youtube channel. I googled your name to find an email address I couldn't find one. I just want to say that I've enjoyed your youtube videos and they've help me in my journey as I'm someone with SSA. I hope your well. I pray that you are.

  3. Good evening Father! I continue to pray for you and hope you have recovered your health. You are an inspiration to all men, and I hope to see you in mass one day and maybe hear my confession. You are a mode priest, and so hope the church can be filled with more like you! God Bless and God’s Speed!